4 Things to Consider Before Renewing Your Car Insurance

Every year, people receive a notice from their car insurance provider. For many people to renew car insurance policy is an automatic thing – the notice is received, a check is sent, and done. Others ignore the notice and their cover will continue anyway. However, it isn’t as automatic for some people particularly if you’re quite frugal. The problem with the new cover is that it usually comes with a higher rate. So before you do nothing or send out a check without giving it a second thought, here are a few things that need to be considered and assessed before renewing car insurance:
Renew car insurance three weeks ahead Those who renew three weeks in advance generally pay much less than those who renew the day before and on the day of the new policy. According to a research for ‘This is Money’ by a comparison website, the reason for this is because insurance providers are preying on those who are in need for a new deal and would most likely pay any premium. In addition, renewing way ahead of time implies financial prudence while buying the day before or on the day itself suggests a greater risk for insurance providers.

Changes in your coverage When it’s almost time for you to renew car insurance policy, you should step back to consider the amount of coverage you currently have. Many people resort to the minimally required coverage, believing it’s all they need. While it’s hard to think of the unexpected things that might happen in the future, being prepared for it financially can reduce the shock factor. You should also find out if you’re paying for redundant coverage. For example, if you have health insurance, why should you be paying additional premium for uninsured motorist coverage if your health insurance can cover your injury expenses?

Optional coverage Another thing worth considering is optional coverage. For example, is it worth it to carry collision insurance if you drive a car of an older make and model? Some drivers slash their collision insurance without much thought in the actual cash value of their automobile when their car loan is paid.

Switching to another insurance provider Some insurers usually charge a higher premium for renewal when they take your claims history into account. You have the option of switching to another insurance provider. But before you do, make sure you make a thorough car insurance comparison. Avoid focusing only on the premium rates; keep in mind the important aspects such as the financial stability of the company, customer relationship, add-ons, etc. when looking for another insurance provider.

Insurance providers know that a percentage of their clients will not go to great lengths of finding a different quote for their insurance policy – whether it’s because of apathy, naivety, or they’re just really well-off. But regularly evaluating your car insurance policy and seeking for an alternative quote for a better deal not only saves you money; it also helps you keep in check of the amount of coverage you have and if it’s enough to keep you safe on the road.

Secrets of Successful Private Colleges

Whether you’re the president, a department head, an administrator or on the board of directors, you’ve likely seen a number of different ways of handing operational matters at your college. Little issues, such as lost outgoing packages can oftentimes be minimized by electing parcel insurance. Bigger problems usually require more collaboration, and in some cases, changes to policy. Here are some of the secrets behind great colleges.
Organized Offices

When prospective students walk into the door of your institution’s administrative quarters, are they promptly greeted and helped? Some would be enrollers recount horror stories of entering an unlocked building that was completely empty, only to wait a while and have to awkwardly exit. To minimize frustration during peak periods, some services may be able to be moved online. Paperwork should be well-organized and stored in cabinets or otherwise out of view of those the college is serving.

Beautiful Grounds

There’s a lot to be said about first impressions. Really though, the institution needs to care about appearance all year around. While students come and go, they take in their surroundings. A neat and clean place brings positive vibes and can even contribute to better concentration. Gardens should be well-trimmed, weed-free and attractive. Buildings look good when pressure washing and fresh paint is part of the maintenance program.

Reliable Deliveries

Parcel insurance incurs a small fee but is well worth it. Institutions often have to send lab equipment back to manufacturers to handle warranty work or replacement. If packagesare lost along the way, the college may end up paying full price for new goods. Issues like this eat into an oftentimes already tight budget. Some institutions have arrangements with nearby libraries where they regularly trade books back and forth. Care should be exercised to keep track of all incoming and outgoing items, especially if rare or valuable pieces are being transferred.

Quality Instruction

Students enroll in educational programs because they believe it will benefit them in the future. Programs should be shaped to give the right balance between theory and practice. When elective options are given, they should be in line with the learner’s goals and demand in the work world. The same goes for the sources used to facilitate the education. Whether a particular textbook or online guide is required, the material should givethose learning the best opportunity to learn foreign concepts quickly and continue to build on their knowledge to tackle more advanced topics.

Personable Educators

Good teachers motivate their classes to greatness. They hold qualities such as patience and determination, which can help students at lower levels to increase their performance and meet objectives. Confusing homework problems or reading assignments can overwhelm some learners.When professors openly offer their office hours, phone number and email address to those enrolled in their classes, pupils tend to feel more at ease.

Considering the power of good organization, top-notch grounds keeping, parcel insurance, quality instruction and personable educators, you can imagine the net effect on an institution implementing such initiatives. When your college has a good reputation, it shouldn’t have trouble attracting new applicants.

Road Trip Tips to Keep You On the Straight and Narrow

Road trips have an allure that is almost tangible. The open road stretching in front of you, the freedom to come and go as you please, the wind in your hair as you speed into the unknown… it’s an adventure you can almost taste. Before you give in to the magic of a self-driven adventure, check out these top trip tips to keep yourself on the straight and narrow.
Divide and Conquer

Play to the strengths you and your travel companions possess. Figure out who has a talent for navigation, who’s the best DJ, who’s got the concentration for long stretches behind the wheel and who’s the snack master – and put them in charge of that particular task. That way, no one is stuck with all the work and everything will get done well and efficiently.

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

Make sure you have everything in place. That means your license is in your wallet and your registration and insurance are in your glove box – and you can grab it all at a moment’s notice (nothing is worse than a police officer tapping his foot impatiently as you rifle through old receipts and random paperwork in search of the documents he’s just asked for). Additionally, it’s a good idea to pay off any parking or traffic tickets you have looming over your head. If you get pulled over and anything is amiss, it could bring your road trip to a grinding halt – and that’s no fun for anyone.

Make Your Phone Fun

Silence may be golden, but it is also the… err, silent killer of road trips. Don’t leave yourself audibly stranded when conversation dies down because the only thing you can find to listen to on the radio is static and there are miles to go before your next stop. Make sure you pack your phone full of entertainment such as music, podcasts, audio books and streaming apps like Spotify (and don’t forget to download some things for when service is shoddy).

Invest in the Best Car Excess Insurance

This tip is crucial to anyone who is road tripping in a rental car. When you hire a vehicle and it gets stolen or damaged, many rental companies will charge you an arm and a leg for any excess costs – even if you’re not at fault. To ensure headache-free travelling, it’s important to shop around and get the best car excess insurance possible. That way, if some unforeseen accident does occur, you’ll be able to remain calm, collected and covered.

These road trip tips should ensure smooth sailing (and driving) on your next cross country adventure. Now what are you waiting for? Break out those cheesy pop hits from your youth and stock up on petrol station snacks. The open road awaits!

Author Plate

Ethan Bailey is an experienced adventure traveller and insurance expert with the team at Let’s Go Insure. Ethan’s passion is to inspire his clients to go just that little bit further, deeper and higher on their travels and his expertise in providing the ideal insurance cover allows them to do just that. If you’re looking for the best car excess insurance Let’s Go works with the most experienced underwriters, intermediaries and insurers to offer a range of competitive insurance without compromising on cover.

Why Paying it Forward Reaps Many Rewards on Social Media

How would you like to be the reason someone smiles today?

Doesn’t it feel wonderful and causes you to smile when you’re acknowledged for an accomplishment? When someone is truly kind to you without any intention of reciprocation? I recently discovered just how wonderful that feeling is.

When eVision Media won an Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence award at the end of November, my Facebook feed was inundated with hundreds of likes, congratulations and well wishes. It truly was overwhelming to be the receiver of such incredible heart-felt wishes!

Being on the receiving end of such attention was not only flattering but also had me deeply touched that so many people thought kindly of my team and I. So much so that it had me ponder my own actions, or inactions as the case may be, on social media.

How many times did I scroll past someone sharing their good news… too busy to pause long enough to congratulate them?

How many times did I simply hit the “like” button and move on after someone posted a huge victory of their own?

Too many times.

So many that I made a decision to change that and this article urges you to think about your own actions on Social Media too. Now I make a conscious effort to pause long enough in my busy day to spread a simple message of kindness on my social media channels. Whether it’s a quick “Congratulations!” or a response to a question I can help with, I know my acts of kindness are paying it forward for all the kind acts I’ve received over the years. Will you join me?

Here’s 6 Ways You Can Pay it Forward on Social Media

1. When you see someone sharing good news, don’t just hit the “Like” button, go that extra mile and leave a comment about how happy you are for them. It’s ok that you don’t know this person personally, it’s social media where your online connection is all that’s needed to pay a little kindness forward.

This simple gesture can make a big difference in the other person’s life. You have no idea what they are going through and your message of kindness could make their day.

2. When someone retweets or shares your content to their followers, send them a message of thanks.

Your acknowledgement will go a long way in their eyes, and they will remember how kind you were to them and will encourage them to continue their acts of sharing kindness. 3. Retweet and share great content of others and be sure to give them credit for posting such great stuff.

This kind of acknowledgement could be all that’s needed to give them the confidence they need to keep creating good stuff.

4. Participate in contests that you really wish to be a part of. A lot of thought and planning goes into setting up a contest so show your appreciation for the opportunity to win something and submit your entry.

Imagine if you were holding a contest and how much excitement you would feel when you see so many people participating. Share that gift of excitement to others.

5. Tell someone you appreciate them. It doesn’t have to have any strings attached… simply let them know how much you admire them and appreciate being connected with them on Social Media and why.

Wouldn’t it be great to receive such an unprovoked message? You can make someone else feel great too – how cool is that!

6. When you see someone is struggling or has asked a question you can answer, help.

Sharing your expertise with others is a wonderful way to pay it forward and help someone else out at the same time.

By making a conscious effort in performing these acts of kindness on social media, you will not only help make the world a better place (after all, doesn’t the world need more kindness in it?) but you will also see a positive shift both personally and professionally in your own life.

3 Tips for Finding the Best Painting Company

Everyone seems to think they can paint a wall. Neighbors or the local handyman may be the cheapest in the beginning, but their work will cost a lot more in the long run. Here are some simple tips to find the best painting company in Roswell, GA, for any job.

The Hunt
Finding painting companies is not a difficult job. The phone book or the internet are full of different ones in towns all over the country. The best way to whittle the list down to a handful is with the help of friends and family. Oftentimes, someone in the circle has had someone paint their house and can offer an opinion on the company they used. There are also several rating sites that allow customers to rate and review local companies.

Job Interview
Once the homeowner has narrowed the list to a few companies, they should treat it like any other job offer. They should have each company send someone to look at the job and offer a cost estimate for the expected work. During the interview the homeowner should pay attention to how they are treated by each company. They should listen for in-depth answers that aren’t in technical terms. This is also the opportunity to ask questions about licensing and insurance as well as how long the company has been in business.

Compare and Contrast
After the interview process, it’s time for the homeowner to compare and contrast the three companies. Each estimate should be reviewed and any substantial differences, either higher or lower, should be investigated. Each estimate should be detailed and compared to see what the difference is. Any discrepancies that can’t be solved should be asked of the company.

Once the process is over, the best painting company in Roswell, GA. should be the one left standing. If there is more than one left, the best test is intuition. Homeowners should trust their gut and pick the one that makes them feel comfortable about leaving their house to the painter. If they can’t name one, they should start the process over.

There are more Advantages to Shopping Online in Mexico

With online procuring. The stores are all the time open. There isn’t a costume code guidelines. Save on gas. There are not any parking hassles. No aggressive (typically apathetic) salespeople. No annoying crowds. No line to wait in when it is time to examine out. Many extra selections for purchasing refurbished products.
On-line gross sales representatives usually obtain more product coaching than these at the native stores.

On-line representatives often have higher flexibility when requested to make choices comparable to assembly a opponents’ value, applying coupons or expediting transport at no extra charge.

Communication with online shoppers is extra often programmed with automatic responses to inquiries and any required observe-up, fairly often is with extra skilled and corporately educated workers in contrast to those often found working at the brick-and-mortar locations.

Operational factors comparable to lease funds, utilities, payroll, store furnishings, shelving, fixtures, stock shrinkage losses and other issues all contribute to the underside line profit margin less the overhead prices of doing enterprise in a procuring center.

Online buying is a superb useful resource for locating merchandise at a terrific financial savings which can be from past seasons or which are being liquidated.

On reputable sites to reduce any shopper confusion and adjust to FTC rules, customer service and different insurance policies are clearly stated in writing. Moreover, nicely-trained ‘dwell’ sales personnel are made obtainable to answer questions without the necessity to wait in long traces or search the aisles for a retailer associate.

Bus advertising an affordable choice for your business

Bus promoting really traces its origins to advertisements placed on streetcars early in the 20th century. They may even be placed inside shelters at bus stops referred to as bus huts. These fluctuate, some being static posters and some being shows which can be illuminated from behind. True bus advertising is actually positioned on the car, so that people traveling in your metropolitan space are uncovered to the signage.

Some enterprise adverts are installed on benches at bus stops, and others can behind contained in the bus itself, usually above eye level, where they’re more likely to be seen by passengers seated or standing on the bus. In addition, some companies use television screens inside metro vehicles like trains and buses, and the programming on these units can be color or monochrome. Some are interactive.

Buses usually have promoting panels placed within the rectangular area above the wheels and under the windows. They may also be painted or pasted onto placards called boards, which have slots that fit contained in the fittings on the bus. Nowadays bus advertising has extended to all areas of buses.

By far the catchiest bus ads are those that creatively make use of the whole aspect of the bus, and typically the entrance and rear of the car as well. That is generally referred to as a bus with an all-over-advertisement.

Some of the unique facet and panel ads had been painted onto the bus, however this resulted in a whole lot of downtime when the advertiser reached the tip of their contract and opted not to renew the bus ads. In these circumstances, the buses must be pulled out of service in order that they may very well be stripped or repainted for the following advertiser.

Now that many bus advertisements use self-adhesive vinyl, it makes the job of changing advert campaigns much easier. These could be simply put in place and eliminated, like decals. This reduces the downtime of each bus used, and the colours may be very vivid, and will stay vivid longer than painted boards used to. You possibly can not initially paint or apply decals over the bus’ windows, for safety reasons.

Now that clear coverage techniques are used on windows, you may even see whole bus advertisements that cowl the home windows as well. Since people can nonetheless see out, their safety just isn’t compromised by the transparent coverings.

Couriers Who Care: How Eagle is Saving the Eagles

Courier work can be challenging, with long hours spent on the road transporting goods back and forth. Sometimes, though, a job comes along with a bit of a twist – an interesting story, something outside the ordinary.
Bathgate-based Eagle Couriers, Scotland’s leading courier firm, are working on one such job right now. They’re used to moving goods for consumers and businesses, but over the past year or so they’ve taken on some very unusual cargo: deceased birds of prey. Read on for more on how one business delivered over 40 specimens in the past year.

The Project

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first. Who would need so many dead birds of prey? In fact, who would need any? The answer lies in the University of Edinburgh’s Royal School of Veterinary Studies, where graduate students and faculty have created a major spike in demand for samples.

In a nutshell, PhD candidate Gabriela Peniche tests the birds to determine their cause of death. She then looks closer at this information to learn about the toxins in the surrounding environment. In this way, Eagle Courier’s work goes beyond the birds to actually help out the entire ecosystem.

The Job

University researchers can do a lot, but they’d probably struggle to gather their own samples – especially when the project involves analysing birds from all over Scotland. That’s where Eagle Couriers come in, making use of a top-level delivery network to gather specimens from as far out as the Western Isles and Orkney.

But not all dead birds of prey discovered get sent to the team. Any found in ‘suspicious circumstances’ must be given to the police or the RSPCA to begin an investigation into any foul play. Once the investigation has closed, the sample can then be taken by an Eagle driver to the university.

Responses and Reactions

It’s a little out of the ordinary for courier work, but Eagle was happy to take up the job. In fact, co-director Fiona Deas described working with the university as a ‘privilege’. Eagle is, she says, ‘passionate about conservation’, and sees its cooperation with the project as part of its broader environmental efforts.

As for what it’s like to move wild animals, including peregrine falcons and golden eagles, Deas keeps it simple: ‘We’ve seen it all,’ she said.

Peniche also took time out of her PhD programme to single out her drivers for praise. ‘These sorts of deliveries obviously pose issues,’ she noted, but went on to add that Eagle Couriers had drivers all over the country and have been able to make the project run very smoothly.

It’s always a good thing to get complimented on your courier work, and the fact that both sides seem so happy about their collaboration on this project speaks to their healthy working relationship. What’s more, as Peniche notes, the company name fits perfectly! ‘The cherry on the cake really is the novelty of being able to say my eagles are brought in by Eagle Couriers.’

Author Plate

Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world’s largest neutral trading hub for same day courier work in the express freight exchange industry. Over 5,400 member companies are networked together through the Exchange to fill empty capacity, get new clients and form long-lasting business relationships.