3 Tips for Finding the Best Painting Company

Everyone seems to think they can paint a wall. Neighbors or the local handyman may be the cheapest in the beginning, but their work will cost a lot more in the long run. Here are some simple tips to find the best painting company in Roswell, GA, for any job.

The Hunt
Finding painting companies is not a difficult job. The phone book or the internet are full of different ones in towns all over the country. The best way to whittle the list down to a handful is with the help of friends and family. Oftentimes, someone in the circle has had someone paint their house and can offer an opinion on the company they used. There are also several rating sites that allow customers to rate and review local companies.

Job Interview
Once the homeowner has narrowed the list to a few companies, they should treat it like any other job offer. They should have each company send someone to look at the job and offer a cost estimate for the expected work. During the interview the homeowner should pay attention to how they are treated by each company. They should listen for in-depth answers that aren’t in technical terms. This is also the opportunity to ask questions about licensing and insurance as well as how long the company has been in business.

Compare and Contrast
After the interview process, it’s time for the homeowner to compare and contrast the three companies. Each estimate should be reviewed and any substantial differences, either higher or lower, should be investigated. Each estimate should be detailed and compared to see what the difference is. Any discrepancies that can’t be solved should be asked of the company.

Once the process is over, the best painting company in Roswell, GA. should be the one left standing. If there is more than one left, the best test is intuition. Homeowners should trust their gut and pick the one that makes them feel comfortable about leaving their house to the painter. If they can’t name one, they should start the process over.